Glass Balustrades

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External Balustrading provided by DB Glass installations near Bath, Somerset

We know that times have changed and the way we use both indoor and outdoor spaces have also changed. The incorporation of glass within both is now quite a commonplace and much desired.

More so, a glass balustrade will give us two prominent features. One being safety and the other transparency.

DB Glass installations specialises in Glass Balustrade supply and installation that covers the balustrade sector. We can provide both internal and external glass balustrading, glass for terraces and landings. For Juliet balconies and glass to prevent falls from windows

We can also provide staircase glass both internal and external stairs all of which will meet Building Regulations Part K.

Our offer is simple. We offer a free estimate, a realistic time scale and a price that is attractive for home owners and business.

Our Approach.

We keep things simple and straight forward. From the very start, we will listen to the requirements of your project and we can then carefully consider and discuss all options.

We have found this is the most suitable for our clients past and previous. It will certainly speed along your design and/ or ideas with out complications.

External Glass Balustrade in the city of Bath by DB Glass Installations

Our Glass

With Glass Balustrading there are rules and regulations we have to abide by, this does provide challenges but we have always worked alongside regulation.

We provide the following glass

  • 8mm Toughened Glass (infill panels)
  • 10mm Toughened Glass (infill panels)
  • 12mm Toughened Glass (infill panels)
  • 15mm Toughened Glass (balustrading)
  • 19mm Toughened Glass (balustrading)

We also provide the following combinations

  • 13.5mm Toughened and Laminated (balustrading)
  • 17.5mm Toughened and Laminated (balustrading)
  • 21.5mm Toughened and Laminated (balustrading)
  • 25.5mm Toughened and Laminated (balustrading)
Glass Balustrade incorporating an external staircase. Installation in Chippenham

Our summary

We offer a a fantastic local service and can provide very quick lead times on Glass Balustrades. We normally supply and fit but can supply only if needed.

For more information please call or email:

Call: 07759 482465 or 01249 661587