Take a look at some of our recently completed projects. If you have any questions about your project give us a call or send us a message.

Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass is the perfect way to open up a space and create a secure barrier. We survey where your balustrade will be situated and, working with you, design a solution that will look stunning but will also be sturdy and practical. We use high quality glass and, with a variety of fixtures to choose from, your balustrade can be designed as a focal point or to blend with the character of your building.

  • Bespoke Glass Balustrade Patio
  • Glass Internal Stairs Balustrade
  • Architechtural Frameless Glass Balustrade Attic Stairs
  • Bespoke Glass Balustrade garden patio
  • Bespoke Glass Balustrade outside bannister stairs

Shower Screens and Enclosures

We are regularly asked to fit shower enclosures for recently converted loft en-suites which often means low sloped ceilings. We carry out a survey of the new shower area accurately measuring for the screen and calculating the angles of the roof. We also work around awkward spaces, with cut-out sections, to accomodate current fixtures and fittings. Once installed your enclosure will be water-tight and fit your space perfectly.

  • Bespoke Glass Shower Enclosure sloped eaves
  • Bespoke Glass Shower Enclosure Black Glass
  • Bespoke Glass Shower Enclosure sloped ceiling
  • Bespoke Glass Shower Enclosure with cut out
  • Bespoke Glass Shower Enclosure with seat cut out
  • Bespoke Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass Doors and Partitions

Glass partitions are an ideal option for creating the illusion of a larger space and look amazing in a workplace. We can design solutions for even the most problematic areas including open stone walls and steel beams. If you need a little more privacy we offer tinted, frosted or decal options and if you are limited for space we can fit sliding doors.

  • Glass Office Partition and Glass Door
  • Bespoke Glass Door and Fittings
  • Bespoke Glass Door and Partition
  • Glass Door and Partition Wood Beam Fitting